The story is about one mind who sequentially resides inside three human forms. He was born Allen Weston, then became Albert Williams, and finally, Mark Slater--all having incredible metaphysical gifts. It covers such strange phenomena as: Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), Out-Of-Body Experiences (OBEs), Bodily (and Demon) Possessions, Heaven Imageries, After-Death Livelihood, and Lucid-Dream Visualizations.

We are evolving into the "Age of Consciousness." A time when energies of mind readily function with or without the physical body. A time when the body can be controlled to function as humanoid, permitting a precocious mind to exit and enter at will; thus contriving bodily possession of an unwary victim. As an active participant, Mark Slater knew of the complexities and consternation it would bring, living in a world where no one knows who's inside whom.

In this book, Mark Slater decides to write his autobiography--to tell the world about "The Power" given to him--in which he (and Allen Weston and Albert Williams) used and sadly abused for decades. His reasons: he tired of watching unnecessary physical suffering; he tired of worrying about The Power in the hands of militant unconscionables; and, he tired of the destructive direction this world is heading.
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A Synopsis follows...

***AUTHOR: Virgil Allen Wulff
***ISBN: 1-58851-985-6
***GENRE: Metaphysical Mystery
***COPYRIGHT © 2001.
***PUBLISHER: PublishAmerica, Inc.
**********NOVEL EXCERPTS**********


The PC monitor displayed the title of his autobiography: "He Gave Me the Power."

Alone, Mark looked to the high, rafted ceiling.

"Sounds like some New Age title, doesn't it Fred?"

"Fred! You must contact me," he shouted, hoping the door would burst open. "Please help me! Somehow! Someway! Don't you realize? It's been over thirty years and three bodies."


The Greyhound Bus Depot was gloomy, with strange looking characters; one stretched out on the floor in drunken stupor. He put his bag into a pay locker as a loud speaker announced last call for a noon Las Vegas departure. Get on that bus, something warned.

"God, I hope I don't end up back here on that floor."


During another one of their many lunch sessions, Fred, quite abruptly, came up with a startling proposal.

"Let's set up a death-pact," he said in his normal monotone voice.

"What are you saying? Are we going to die?" Mona anxiously responded.

"Well certainly not now, but surely some day we will. I'm becoming fascinated about what happens after death--if anything."


One night, as he lay asleep, he opened his eyes to a gun barrel. It came smashing down on his face; again and again, until he passed out.

When he regained consciousness, the pains came from all over his body. All four limbs were stretched and cuffed to the four-poster bed, swollen and raw at the wrists and ankles. He looked at his feet and all toes were missing. He screamed in terror as he saw his sex organs lying next to him.

The intruder laughed and dropped onto the lounge chair with a bottle of Jack Daniels. "You shut up now, or I'll snip yer voice box."


Their translucent images suddenly lifted "out-of-body" from the shoulders and zoomed up, right through the ceiling. They proceeded like ballistic missiles, faster. Then they slowed to a stop, floating high in the stratosphere.

They looked down to an ocean. Directly below was a tiny speck of land. As they descended, it began showing a perimeter of white sand. They softly touched ground on Fred and Mona's wondrous imaginary island paradise.

They walked around the village. Allen marveled at the realistic images of people, some he had met before. He was totally aghast when he was introduced to his OWN IMAGE.

They told him their friends were not real, but simply figments of their imagination, totally under their control, and deeply embedded into their merged memory banks, for a heavenly permanence.

Then they directed him to an Assembly Hall, to meet some REAL PEOPLE.
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