Harry despised all forms of psychic phenomena and spiritualism. Born and stoically raised in the Midwest, he joined the Green Berets and suffered the inconceivable horrors of direct physical combat. He became even more of a skeptic during his college years, debating and debunking anything irrational, or metaphysical.

Leana was unrestrained, marvelously emotional, and lived and loved music. She was not only an accomplished pianist and soprano from New York, but studied composition at the Boston Conservatory. And to crown this, she was utterly stunning, with her fair complexion, sky blue eyes, exquisite profile, and heavenly body.

In a few short months after they met at a Copland concert, Harry married Leana and they lived in blissful happiness for four honeymoon years in the Washington DC area. Success progressed as Harry accepted a lucrative position in Tampa. On their move to their new home, they stopped in Cassadaga whereby Harry's aunt coaxed Leana into a psychic reading. The Doctor of Divinity told her she would become famous, but then--suddenly and abruptly--he terminated the session.

In Tampa, Harry worked as a civilian engineering manager for the Special Operations Forces and was sent on several military exercises, including a mission to impede Iraqi hostilities. During that same period, lovely Leana became a highly promising singer/pianist at an exclusive Italian restaurant.

About a year later, Leana disappears without a trace.

The story encompasses several locations, including Daytona Beach, Cassadaga, Kuwait City, Washington DC, New York, Columbia, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Palm Beach, and Gibsonton.

The Searchers combed the Cibola National Forest looking for remnants of a Blazer from psychic visions of a gigantic explosion. The only access was a trail system of seventy miles, one-third primitive and desiccated.

Gibsonton, Florida, nicknamed Gibtown, is the home of the nation's largest concentration of carnival people. Thousands of carnies have lived there, a few being sideshow freaks, quite popular in the olden days. In Gibtown, these oddities are a well-known phenomenon, treated commonly and respectfully, and wholly accepted as an integral part of the carnival and circus atmosphere.

The story is captivating because of our immense curiosity with psychic phenomena, life after death, and uncommon oddities. The principals examine foreign hostilities, explore the unknown, and mingle with the bizarre.
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***AUTHOR: Virgil Allen Wulff
***ISBN: 1-893162-99-0
***GENRE: Metaphysical Mystery
***COPYRIGHT © 1999.
***PUBLISHER: PublishAmerica, Inc.
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