This page contains a contest entry created by Halley Martin, one of the artists that has shown interest in the A2V project. This graphic represents Halley's conception of Zolf and the Astrian aliens. With it, she sends the following:

"I imagined a fluid-filled sack that encircles the head with three eyeballs, for radically awesome 360 degree vision, and soft-tissued nasal strip that allows for huge amounts of scent processing.  I figured on a pretty normal "human" style mouth to give them character.  For ears/sonar I  figured the Astrians could have a strange, visible-through-the-skin ear drum organ that allowed for echo-location.

The top set of arms are small and dainty for use in tinkering and such.
The middle set of arms are long like a gorillas for propulsion and lifting.
The bottom set, or legs, are similar to a frogs for propulsion and thrust.

It would need a tail to stand upright.

So here's my sketch, I'll do a color one if you like where I'm going.

I doodled a pyramid droid, and gave it a "human" sort of face, but just for simplicity; it could have an Astrian face or a symbol, but I didn't think that far yet."

Virgil is already considering changing his description of the Astrians in the book, if the graphics that we choose are more imaginative and fit the story better. This is a good example of one of those imaginative creations. We look forward to receiving more of Halley's work.

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Halley Martin
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