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Astrian Android and Dr. One:  Describing these androids is tough.  It could make the whole book laughable, if they are not believable.

They will look like pyramids.  The reason is that pyramid shape is being seen as a supernatural source of power or energy.  Pyramid power has become the primary focus of everything, from spiritual concerns to extra-terrestrial messages.  Simply put, pyramids are mystical, sturdy structures.

The pyramid is covered with an elastic, skin-type material that can withstand enormous temperature in both directions.  In other words, they cannot be easily destroyed, unless they get too close to a star, or maybe a black hole.  All matter is vulnerable.

The android’s standard height is about four feet, with roughly a 3x3-foot base.  However, it can stretch up to seven-foot high, or reversely, reduce down to a one-foot height, with a much wider 6x6-foot base.

Centrally embossed are graphic icons or, if you will, Crests.  Also, just below the Crest is a character string, thereby giving each android a unique identification.  In addition, color schemes are assigned to the various android groupings--thus making for additional classification and identity.

The pyramid surface structure has several apertures that open upon command. Near the apex, inside apertures, are visual and audio sensor mechanisms.  These sensors not only receive visuals and sound, but also transmit, for example, laser rays, and of course, vocal sounds.  Thus, they can talk, hear, see, and have built-in laser weapons.  Note that they would obviously have other internal sensors, such as for determining environmental conditions, mapping, galaxy positioning, etc.

In viewing that standard four-foot height, slightly above the Crests, are four more apertures on each pyramid surface.  When opened, tentacles can protrude out, with two thumbs and three fingers joint-secured to their ends.  Finally, four more apertures are at the bottom, under the base, and at each corner.  When opened, four multi-jointed limbs protrude that can lift the pyramid as high as five more feet.  They are used for walking, running, etc.

When they reduce down to their one-foot height, with a much wider base (6x6-foot), the androids can hover and soar like an eagle, or, more appropriately, like a flying saucer.

Their power source is controlled nuclear fusion; that energy-producing process which takes place in the stars all over the universe  Astrians not only are capable of controlling the fusion process, they can transfer this massive energy into containers for stockpiling--like batteries.  The power source is at the top point-cap of each android and must be replaced periodically.  The hovering and soaring capability comes from ultimate nano-technologies in counter-gravity.

Just below the point-cap is a computer-chip containing the mind databank of a given Astrian.  Once inserted and activated, the android is functionally controlled, personalized, and managed by the mind energy, or digitized intelligence, contained within the computer-chip.  In other words, the android, for all intents and purposes, is a mind-duplication of a given biological Astrian.

Dr. One, an Astrian Android, is a primary protagonist in the A2V Manuscript.  Dr. One is the mind-duplicated android of the biological Astrian, Zolf (mentioned above).
Astrian Mission to the Planet Earth: We must go back to the Earth Year 1890.  In that year, a mission was approved by the Milky Way Intelligentsia Society whereby thirty Astrian Androids were selected to make the fifty light-year journey.
Their Spaceship looked very much like the Goodyear Blimp and had a highly invulnerable surface structure, similar to an Astrian android’s skin material, but over six inches thick.

The Spaceship’s dimensions were about a hundred feet long and fifty feet in diameter.
The lower-deck, or bilge area, had storage compartments for all the supplies, machinery, and equipments deemed essential, not only for the trip, but for after they arrive.  For example, one storage bin contained a stockpile of fusion-powered batteries.  These included capsules no larger that a Zippo lighter, to tanks the size of torpedoes; each containing variable power sources, having storage capacities lasting from five to five hundred years.  (The fusion-energized batteries were used by their entire society of planets...for operating most vehicles, machines, generators, appliances, etcetera.)  They were for preliminary operational deployment on the primitive planet.  Eventually, factories would be built to manufacture all the technically advanced products made available by the migrating androids.   It should be evident that those miracle products, brought by the Spaceship, would serve to make an effective initial impression upon primitive Earthlings.

The Spaceship had both offensive and defensive weapons of mass destruction.  The most important one was located just inside the nose of the ship.  This offensive weapon system generates a laser ray of constant diameter at enormous ranges.  It is capable of directing a series of thermonuclear megaton bursts to any beamed target.   An adequate number of these continuing bombardments soon would totally disintegrate that target...even a planet.  The aliens needed a substantial threat both to ensure authority and to acquire Earthling compliance.

In the top aft area of the Spaceship was a Shuttlecraft capable of accommodating all thirty androids--to be activated and deployed in the event of some uncontrollable catastrophe occurring on the mother ship.  In addition, the Shuttlecraft was to be used as an armed escort that would remain in orbit at first landing--sort of as a militant safeguard.

Ten of the androids were specialists.  The remaining twenty were technicians, assigned to collectively support the specialists.

The thirty androids were housed in six square-foot cubicles, five in a row, six rows, located in the center area of the top deck.

The Astrian Androids were capable of turning themselves off.  That is, in a sense, doing power-free hibernation for designated periods.  Thus, during one hundred and twenty-two years of the journey, only one android, at preset durations, was needed to function as the ship’s watchguard.  For the three remaining years required to reach their Planet Earth destination, all thirty androids were to be activated.  All were needed to initiate the numerous tasks and strategies scheduled over this final leg of the journey.
The fifty light-year distance is a little over two hundred and ninety-three trillion miles.  The speed of light is nearly six trillion miles per year.  The Spaceship velocity is estimated to average 40% of the speed of light.  The term average is important here, meaning that the ship will cover the distance via a constant acceleration and deceleration devised method.  That is, the ship will uniformly accelerate over the first half of the distance and similarly decelerate over the second half.  The highest ship velocity resulting from this method is around 80% of the speed of light, which, of course, would be reached at the midpoint.
Astrian North Pole Facility:  On Friday, 15 January 2016, the Astrian ship touched-down on the geographic North Pole.  There were twenty-eight androids (note that two remained in shuttlecraft orbit) who began preparing for a ten-year residency on the Planet Earth.

The glacial January weather conditions were at their worst, so all of them participated in marking off an area about the size of a football field--encompassing the Astrian ship.
Ten-foot curved magnetic rods were driven solidly into the sea-ice around the perimeter, each separated by thirty feet.  They were cable connected together, and all linked to a rectangular container about the size of a flatbed freezer.  Inside was a force-field generator, powered by a ‘torpedo-sized’ nuclear-fusion energy battery coupled right next to it.

When the generator mechanism was activated, a luminous force-field surged upward encompassing the preset area; bending inward in accordance with the curved rods, and merging at the center-top, some 200 feet above the surface.

This shielded housing caused those violent windstorms, severe snow flurries, and gusting sleet to slide over and around the dome-like habitat.  The androids, although not affected the least by temperature, found it much more stabilized and suitable inside.

During all periods of polar darkness, the entire shield would illuminate.
ALIEN DESCRIPTION:  The following describes the entire alien environment based on the information and data given in the Aliens To Vegas Manuscript.  The objective here is to provide potential artists with specific material essential in the performance of their talent.  Another salient point is:  If the artist’s interpretation is deemed better, then those book-related descriptions will be revised, as appropriate.

Planet Astria and Zolf:  The 51Pegasi, about 50 light-years away, is a sun-like, Class G5V Spectral Star in the Pegasus Constellation.  (In 1995, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz at Geneva Observatory announced that 51Pegasi has a planet, about half the mass of Jupiter, orbiting it.)  It was the first to be found by the Doppler (velocity) technique.

The Planet Astria is the fourth one orbiting the 51Pegasi star system.  Its age estimate of 7.5 billion years as compared to earth, estimated at 4.5, gives their lifeforms more eons to reach a higher intellect.

Astria has an abundance of varying plant and animal lifeforms--and most importantly--creatures having biologically evolved into the planet’s domineering species.  They are Astrians and, of course, have superior intellect, existence awareness, and memory resources similar to, but extremely more advanced than humans.

The Astrians have smooth, flexible skin, which can change color like that of a chameleon.  They are about five feet tall, svelte, with no neck.  Above the no-neck, they have protruding sensor strips for sight, sound, and smell.  These lid-covered, viscous strips circle the head, thus giving omni-directional sensor application.  Above those strips, right atop the conical head, is an arched, mouth opening.  They have two thumb-types and three finger-types, jointed on the ends of six limb-types, each having the rigorous capacity to serve as either arm-like or leg-like functionalities.  Thus, they can walk, run, or climb on two, or four, or six limbs.  While standing upright on two of those limbs, they can grasp and manipulate tools, or weapons, skillfully, with each of their four remaining limbs.  Summarily, they are five-foot reptilians with three sensor bands, six limbs, no neck, and a mouth on top.

One of the book protagonists is a biological, male-type Astrian named Zolf.   The only difference in sexuality is that one lays an egg and the other selectively fertilizes.  Consequently, those selections eventually hatch as offspring.

It is important to point up here that the Astrians were once rugged, bulky, thick-skinned, ferocious predators--but, through millenniums, they evolved into tranquil vegans.  Hence, their teeth have gotten smaller, making their mouth much less vicious-looking.  Also, their digestive system simplified as vegans, making their torso slimmer and suppler.  They appear quite affable, but have sustained combative reflexes and enormous strength from their successful, carnivorous past.

When Astrians reach maturity, their mind-energies are copied by a neuron-signals compiler system, and digitized.  Understand that this mind-compilation includes personality, management control, short/long term memory--actually, everything neural.  Once digitized, each mind databank is assigned a unique identification, and then stored into massive computer storage arrays.  Such officially coded and data-preserved minds are, thence, periodically upgraded as obviously would be required...thus, giving them eternal mental regeneration.

A2V Alien Animation Project/Contest

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this project is to provide an A2V WebSite containing  animations, photos, video clips, maps, and whatever else appropriate to support backup illustrations for the drafted Manuscript entitled Aliens to Vegas (A2V) co-authored by Virgil Allen Wulff ( and Robert H. Hoffman (

HELP WANTED:  Seeking an artist with a talent mainly for sketching animations of our book-described alien characters (given below).  Other tasks would be desirable including the alien environment, spaceship, and even video clips.  The artist selected will be given appropriate recognition and credits in both the A2V WebSite and Manuscript, and, of course, copies of the book when published.  NOTE:  We are also open to further negotiation.

CONTEST:   Since already receiving some response, we have decided to offer a prize of fifty dollars to the finest alien sketches of the biological Astrian (Zolf) and the Astrian Android (Dr. One) as depicted below.  Prizes for other sketches will be announced here as appropriate. Send your sketches (by e-mail or mail) to:

Virgil Allen Wulff
8506 Willow Forest Court
Tampa, FL  33634-1056
(813) 249-1563

Mr. Wulff will (e-mail) respond to all applicants.  We will select the winner(s), inform the applicants, and, subsequently, present the prize(s). Winners will be announced on this page and winning sketches will be shown. Depending upon the level of response, we also intend to publish the sketches that weren't chosen for your viewing.

All submissions shall become the sole property of V. A. Wulff and may be used in any manner in all media. Mr. Wulff is not responsible for lost, damaged or misdirected entries under any circumstances. Please keep a copy of your submission.

NOVEL TITLE:  “Aliens to Vegas”
AUTHORS:  Virgil Allen Wulff & Robert H. Hoffman
GENRE:  Metaphysical SciFi Thriller
DATA:  Pages: ~200, Words: ~50,000

Imagine you are an alien on a star-trek mission to earth, from a planet some fifty light-years away.  If you are capable of embarking upon such a fantastic voyage, you surely must be both intellectually and technologically superior.

Let us also suppose that your mission to earth is peaceful, i.e., to rebuke those exotic science fiction tales of conquest and enslavement.  A pedantic mission of goodwill to advance the primitive humans to the much higher levels of expertise that you possess.  Levels that, let us imagine, took eons of biological evolutions and scientific revelations for your idyllic planet to have attained.

As you approach Planet Earth, you certainly would be amazed with the barrage of signals being transmitted from countless radio and television broadcasting stations, and the many other forms of media prevalent around the world.  Fortunately, from cultural media, you could invariably learn nearly everything about the languages and history of the inhabitants, including:  the biological evolution and eventual dominance by humans; the many differing civilizations, some considered advanced (where there is a murder a minute), some grossly primitive (where three starve every second); the alienated, conflicting types of governments, including republics, socialisms, communisms, totalitarianisms, and monarchies; the highly polarized cultures with contrasting, deep-rooted, self-sacrificing religions; and, most importantly, bizarre chronicles of war after war after war, with ghastly atrocities and holocausts, directly attributed to man’s inhumanity to man.

During an RV pleasure trip to Las Vegas, the authors (VAW and RHH) discussed, debated, and documented such a fascinating tale as introduced above.

Included in this novel are several projects proposed (to the United Nations General Assembly) and subsequently support-implemented by aliens that had migrated to the Planet Earth with the munificent mission to advance Earthlings upward to their own much higher levels of intellect and technology.

The underlying motivation of these projects ponders this question.  What advances in technology are crucial to pragmatically improve the world situation…before it’s too late?

The alien-proposed projects include:  Hunger, Fusion, Innerama (a senses by-pass system), Vehicles, Predators, and Immortality.  To capture your imagination, if all the projects described in Aliens to Vegas were successfully implemented, there would be no, or much less, need for (alphabetically) bookstores, chicken factories, cemeteries, cinemas, colleges, gas stations, grocery stores, libraries, liquor stores, pain/pleasure pills, prisons, radios, restaurants, schools, slaughter houses, super-markets, taverns, television sets, theaters, and zoos.

From the Kennedy Space Center area to downtown Las Vegas, the aliens story is intrinsically inter-woven amongst other intriguing happenings over this 2400-mile trip.

This novel, Aliens to Vegas, documents our story about aliens, all the way to Vegas.

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Emily Young
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