This compelling novel is about Scottland Royce and Scottland Royce.  That is to mean, the real Scottland Royce and another Scottland Royce (nee Bryce Rockford).

The real Scottland Royce was a wealthy, eccentric, septuagenarian.  Bryce Rockford was a young, handsome, drunk, wasting his life away and living alone.  Eventually, Rockford was abducted and forcibly submitted to a mind-exchange experiment, whereby he physically became the "other" Scottland Royce.

Dr. Benjamin Jacob Steiner was a brilliant neurosurgeon who once served as a team captain at the Neuroscience Institute and Hospital of UCLA.  Sadly, his career ended due to a brain surgery accident with a little girl under his special responsibility.  Several years later, in a secluded laboratory environment (owned by the real Scottland Royce), Dr. Steiner used his creative genius to produce a system that could manipulate mortality.  He designed an electronic module capable of exchanging the energy of mind (many call it spirit, or soul) between two human beings.

This incredible system process, thereby, was successfully performed in transporting Scottland Royce's mind into the brain of young Bryce Rockford; consequently causing Rockford's mind to be cyclically transported into the brain of the elderly, and dying, Scottland Royce.

These protagonists, and many other stimulating characterizations, are meticulously described and cleverly woven into bizarre situations that are emotionally charged and, indeed, thought-provoking.

The story centers around the city of Chicago, including specific regions like the Gold Coast, the Loop, Old Town, and that strip on West Madison labeled "Skid Row" from those "Great Depression" days gone by.  In addition, other key locales include: the Royce Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland; an Atlantic voyage on the Mauretania; the Rhine Research Center (successor to the Duke University Parapsychology Laboratory), Durham, North Carolina; the Flamingo and other exotic casinos in Las Vegas; the Neuropsychiatric Institute (UCLA's multidisciplinary on Human Neuroscience); and, for the climax, the Cayman Islands group (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman) in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba.

Several plots are provided to adequately guide the reader through: the perplexities of an amnesiac, the struggles in financial success, the perils in sexual orientation, the temptations of Las Vegas gambling, and the dangers involved with exploiting the mind.  Extensive technical research was required to effectively entice readers with:  a methodology for bypassing human senses, the human cloning concept, and a revolutionary process directed toward achieving immortality.

The climactic Epilogue transports the reader from concern to cognizance.

A sequel entitled "Immortality Seekers" has been completed.

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A Synopsis follows ...

***AUTHOR: Virgil Allen Wulff
***DATA:  Chapters: 39; Pages: 380; Words: 69,265
***GENRE: Thriller
***COPYRIGHT © 2002.
Author's Note:
An important aspect of my story is how it predicts and technically describes the attainment of  immortality ...

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