·WHO:       Author:  Virgil Allen Wulff
·WHAT:     Novel:  New Manuscript
·WHEN:     Now  --  Edited by Michael Falin
·WHERE:   Tampa, Florida
·WHY:Seeking Literary Agent and/or Publisher
A Synopsis follows...

·          AUTHOR:  Virgil Allen Wulff
·          DATA:  Chapters: 80; Pages: 734; Words: 133,000
·          GENRE:  Thriller
·          COPYRIGHT © 2005.
The Mind-Exchange Chronicles weave a web of mystery in such fascinating, infamous sites as Chicago's Skid Row and Devil's Island.  The reader is effectively transitioned through decades of scientific endeavors, personal triumphs and betrayal, adequate vengeance, and diabolical schemes from the super-rich in their quest for a second life.  These chronicles keep readers on edge from the onset, leaving them wondering how much of this mind-blowing process is reality and how much merely figments of the author's imagination.

Benjamin Jacob Steiner should be honored for his contribution to the Age of Immortality, as will soon be bestowed upon our humanity.  Dr. Steiner, a brilliant neurosurgeon, once served as a team captain at the Neuroscience Institute and Hospital of UCLA.  Sadly, his career ended due to a brain surgery accident with a little girl under his special responsibility.  Several years later, in a privately-owned, secluded, laboratory environment, Dr. Steiner used his creative genius to produce a system that could manipulate mortality.  He designed an electronic module capable of exchanging the energy of mind (many call it spirit, or soul) between two human beings.

Scottland Royce was an eccentric, septuagenarian who fully financed Dr. Steiner's research and mind-exchange experiments.  Bryce Rockford was a handsome drunk, wasting his life away and living alone near Steiner's laboratory.  Rockford was subsequently abducted and forcibly submitted to the first mind-exchange incident.  The incredible system process was successful in transporting Scottland Royce's mind into the brain of young Bryce Rockford; consequently causing Rockford's mind to be cyclically transported into the brain of the elderly and dying Scottland Royce.

Monsieur Pauljean Poisson was a distinguished Parisian art collector and one of the richest in France.  Tragically, in his senior years, Poisson was stricken with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  Four years later, he was given an offer no one in his pitiful condition could refuse.  This occurred at a meeting in his Paris Estate held with Dr. Brent Hoffman, a Chicago Psychiatrist.  Dr. Hoffman proposed transporting Poisson's mind from his useless body into that of another human being.  To accomplish such, he related his recent acquisition--Dr. Steiner's mind-exchange system.

The story continues by depicting the similar, but quite diverse, mind-exchange episodes happening on two privately-owned islands.  On one, St. Joseph's Island, human clones were being conceived, born, and raised to an age of brain maturity.  Then, using Steiner's mind-exchange processing system, the mind of a near-death father would be transported into the brain of his cloned infant son.  The prime subject in this miraculous prospect for a second life was the honorable Monsieur Poisson, who had become Le Premier Ministre of these mysterious islands.

On the other, Devil's Island, which was well-fortified and shrouded in secrecy, shanghaied youths were being held captive in prison cells.  Their dire fate was forced participation in mind-exchanges with time-urgency patients.  Specifically, these illicit activities were performed to save near-death relatives of the super-rich.  Such an exclusive and costly program was highly classified, due, of course, to its adverse moral and religious implications.  In addition, public disclosure would generate a horrendous onslaught of pleadings from the terminally disabled and probings from unwelcome immortality seekers.